‘Terminate’ has Latin Origin from Terminus, meaning ‘End, Limit or Boundary’. Terminate is the Action of bringing to an end or put an end to – Someone, something or Life Choices. Term is used in English as a specific or established period of Time, with an End Point.

In Commerce and Marketing, Terms and Conditions Apply. So does it, in all aspects of our Life’s Track and Field Experiences.

Terminations are unpleasant or Painful, when we are not Causing it. Terminations are a Necessity (Pain Relief), when we cause it and are aware of why we are causing it (Be-cause Factor).

The End Point of any Term 🙁 of Life, of Dreams, of Career, of Fame, of Health, of Knowledge, of Bonding, of Attachments, of Relations, of Hope, of Love, of Trust or of Faith) has two aspects to deal with, Grief and Loss.

Call it Death, Thanatos or Apoptosis; it involves aspects which are pre-programmed, and factors that are situational or accidental.

Overcoming Bereavement is an uneasy process of Healing from Limbo to Acceptance. Only Truth Heals. But Time and Compassion helps.!

While the emotions associated with Grief and Loss are inevitable and cannot be avoided, here are some relief techniques:

Rationalized Distractions like working on something that you are interested in or indulging in certain activities to keep you busy

Revelations by talking to someone close or discussing with a therapist or counselor

Resolutions through introspections and meditations

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