Death (Intra-personal)

Adapted word from ‘Dheu’; Latin ‘Mortis’ came from ‘Mordeo’; resonates with Sanskrit word ‘Mardati’.

Death is described as a process of permanent cessation of Vital Processes, Activity or System.

Self: Vitals resources are pure Energies from Consciousness. These do not Cease. Self transforms.

Psyche: Vitals are pure Instincts derived from Energies.

Persona: Vitals are Impulses derived from Instincts.

Personality: Vitals are modified Temperaments derived from Impulses.

Physicality: Vitals are Motor and Sensory Reactions from modified Temperaments.

Temporary Cessations in any of these Domains of our Life, causes Dearth (scarcity or lack).

Permanent Cessations in any of these Domains of Inner Realms causes Death in Outer Dimensions.

Do we Re-cognize the multi-domain Existential nature of our Individual Self-System ? If and when we Recognize this as multi-level Awareness of Vital Processes; do we Realize the influence of these on our Activities ? While we Act in various contexts of Life; do we gain Insight into our Systems ability to balance Birth and Death related factors ?

Death and Destruction are not the same phenomenon; though we equate them as Similar.

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