Origins from Ville (Latin). Meanings modified over time; wish, desire, want, purpose, hope, choice etc.

Will currently means disposition of a written document, to be legally executed.

Will is the Latent Power to carry forward the Self’s journey.

Will is multilayered.

SELF: Will is the Intent to receive and manifest Life Force extending from Consciousness.

Psyche: Will is the Effort to translate Individual Life Force into Duty or Dharma.

Persona: Will is the Want to transform Duty to Purpose based Identity.

Personality: Will is the Dedication to persist in forming Purpose linked Roles.

Conduct: Will is the Attitude to Elevate the Role associated Choices in Society.

Motivation: Will is the stable Desire to Invest in the Choices we make.

Behaviors: Will is the flexibility to adapt and respond appropriately to the Contexts and Situations.

Will to Life is: Emerge from Consciousness; to Survive, Thrive, Expand, Invest, Experience, Respond, Withdraw, Dissolve, Detach and Merge in Consciousness.

Will is the Surf Board, on which we Navigate the Waves of the Creators Forces.!

Does Will depend on the Quality and Strength of our Intent ? Does the Will Power fluctuate with the state of Integrity of Self-System ? Do we Realise and Conduct Life according to the Potential of Individual Will ? What are the Consequences of a Divided or Fragmented Will on our Life ? Does Deficits and Dilutions of Will lead to Inhibitions of Self System !!!

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