Herd; Where is it ?

A Word used in the context of ‘Unite‘, ‘Associate‘ or ‘Together‘. The Word is used more often as part of Social Ecology and Social Behaviors. Herd also implies, something common that interests, influences or bonds the group into a compact one.

Whether in the Wilds or the Domestic ecosystems, Herding is a concept that applies to different subspecies. Alternate words are Flock or Pack. Outcome is that the Group tends to Act together and Behave in Synchrony; possibly under one or few among them being the ‘Influencers‘ and referred as ‘Control Animal‘.

Human Species, over the Times has Diversified constantly to the state where Collective Behaviors have become least manageable and sustainable. Herding as a Nation, Communities, Families, Systems, Institutions etc seems obsolete in a increasingly Fractured Human and Natural Ecosystems.

Lifestyles do not seem to have much Commonality and Consistencies, in the Recent Affairs of Actions and Conduct in the World.

Do we have the Sense of Herd within Families or our Workplace Systems ? Do we have a Sense of Lineage of the Mind (referred as DNA) in this Day and Age ? Did this represent the Concept of ‘Kula’ or Tribe in Old Social Traditions ? Do I have a Sense of Herd within my Personality ?

Has HERD become a Mythical Word, which we HEARD as Matters of the Past.!

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