The Mind

The Mind (Mano-Maya-Kosha)

Does our Brain make or project the mind? Do I have a Mind that contributes to the making of the Brain? Since the dichotomy of this perception began, the arguments have not settled. The perception has weighed into the current scientific flavor of Brain Waves!

Mind is a unit of our Psyche. Mind is an abstract entity when seen from the vantage point of physical or Biological Senses (Somato- sensory perception).

Mind is the producer of emotions, feelings, desires, e-motivations. Mind drives our basic temperaments, impulses and instincts. Mind assimilates Energies through the Nodal centers (Chakras) and carries it through plexus of Channels (Nadi). Energies impact the Somatics (body kinetics) by contributing to Gene expression, Gene Silencing and Gene regulation. Mind – Body association is facilitated by Prana (Solar energy element). 

Memory helps the mind to store, retrieve and recall data sets of previous experiences. Reason helps to connect observed Facts (join the dots) and Impressions (from Memory).  Hence the phrase, ‘Making sense of something’.

Imagination is mind’s activity of generating Images, Ideas or Qualia.  Imagination is required for the abilities like Projection, Sympathy and Dream Works.

Cognition is an umbrella term for all the integrated and associated functioning of the above processes and contents of the Mind. The greater the ability to assimilate, synthesize, sort, infer or deduce meanings and generate reactions to problem solve and execute; the wider or deeper is the Cognitive Capacity.

Process of the Mind refers to ‘the ways it works’. Content of the Mind refers to ‘what it works with’.

Mind reacts intimately to Care and Scare? Since Birth, it yearns (Home) for a Heart. Cradles between Hope and Despair! Does the Nurture and Nature of this Society and World, help becoming Mind-full or Mind-less? 

Will Deception and Angst, be our Existential Gains? How long, I wonder !!

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