The Body and Its Elements

The body is formed by an assimilation of different types of Natural elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. These 5 elements are called the ‘Pancha Bhutas’. These elements combined in varying proportions results in different types (Constitution) of the physical body. Constitution type is the basis of Indigenous approaches of Healthcare (Ayur-Veda etc).   

Vata, Pitta, Kapha are the 3 Doshas (humors) and their various proportions results in sub-types within each Constitution type. These sub-types influence body’s basic biological processes. One of the three Doshas, predominates typically and determines the Mind–Body (combined) alignments. Excess of any Dosha over its base composition leads to Pranic irregularities, Biochemical imbalances, disease process and illness.

Prana is inhaled with Breath. The quality of absorption and flow of Prana through our Body varies with our state of activities. Pranic energies of different qualities and varying quantities are accessible in Nature. Availability of Prana changes with Time. (Day / Night cycle). This influences our Brain’s Circadian Rhythm (Biological Clock).

Food (plants, vegetables, fruits, animals, animal products) that we consume are composed of these Nature’s elements too (in different permutations and combinations).

Is the Body Constitution compatible with what we Consume ? Are we Aware !!

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