Behavior (Aacharan)

Originating from words, be-have (possess) or from aver (French) meaning ‘to have’. Current meaning is to Act, Conduct or Comport oneself in a way, that is desired, specific, proper, or expected.

Behaving is ‘that you do with what you have’. It means my ability to express the human potential I carry.

Behavior has Source of Origin. Physical, Biological, Emotional, Causal and Basal.  Behavior may originate at one of the above Dimensions, then flow onto the next one, thus setting a sequence. The Inside – Out (Download) sequence from Basal towards Physical level (Externalization) forms Expression. The Outside – In (Upload) sequence from Physical to Basal level (Internalization) forms Impression (Learning Behavior).

Behavior is primary, when raw, instinctual, and natural. Behavior is secondary when learned, modified by memory and conditioning. Behavior has modes of expression. Free floating (random), streamlined (steady), indirection (consistent), non-directional (inconsistent), disorganized (impulsive).  

Behavior is associated with triggers (stimulus). Natural Triggers are instinctive, self-protective, and activate for the purpose of safety, survival, and curious drive to implore and explore. Artificial Triggers are learned through association of instinct with exposure to external triggers (events, experience, Rewards, Outcomes).

Behavior Modulation is to rewire chosen behaviors. Behavioral Integration means connected, aligned, clear flow of Instincts. We achieve a sense of Cohesion and Expansion of Conduct.

Behavioral disintegration means disconnect, or blockage of Behavioral Sequence, thus disrupting the Expression or Impression. It Shrinks our potential to conduct and act meaningfully.

How well are we Aware of our Behaviors ? How often do we feel in Control of our Behaviors ? Do we have the power of Choice to redirect Behaviors ? Is our Daily-Motion mechanical ? Am I just “programmed to repeat”, or live with Independence ?

How long can we be Creatures of Habits and Conditioning ! Will the Mode shift from ‘Imitate’ to ‘Innovate’. I wonder !!

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