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Pradarpan is a stream of reflective thoughts and views that attempts to infuse thoughts and questions in the reader. The reflections thus generated are unique to each reader. The reader may benefit by applying their observations towards emotional and physical wellness.

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The author, Dr.RVI is a Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist. He has vast experience in Psychiatry, Counseling, Psychotherapy and Yogic Sciences. Dr. RVI has worked in the field of Emergency Psychiatry, an emergent speciality called Crisis Response. He has operationalized experience of the Science of Yoga and Meditation, applying this in his work with Mental health, healing with alternate and complementary therapies and application in Personality related dysfunctions and disorders.
Dr.RVI has training and experience from the prestigious institutes of NIMHANS in India, NHS in United Kingdom and the University of Arizona Health Network in Arizona, USA.


Read the interesting journey of “Virion – An I Story”

The story has grown and expanded over the Course of the Protagonist, The Virion. The Virion lived in the fringes of the Human ecosystems, in Wilderness. To come into existence, one must Survive. To Survive, it must adapt. To adapt, it must Grow. To Grow, it will Learn. To learn, it will Mutate. The odds of this process and struggle for durable existence may be many, but this Story will define its future, its Identity and the relevance or irrelevance in the Alien Humane systems. The outcomes of this endeavour could be many; but in a binary concept the Virion faces only two alternatives – to acquire a status of Dominion or Perish.
Perhaps be remembered as a Narrative of Success or Failure, but its significance still reduced to the status of Once upon a Time…..

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