Overthinking or Thinking Over !

The state of the world keeps evolving at a faster and wider rate than ever before in our known human history. This state and the human condition are not a synchronized expansion of ideologies, beliefs or emotional matrix. The physical and digital [technological] experiences offer more scope for novelty, curiosity and experimentation rather than a climate of consistency and familiarity.

In this above scenario of life our cognition (ability to coordinate and link in memories of learning experiences and acquired knowledge) is brimming over. This results in Cognitive buffering and Cognitive fade, a state of non-effective thinking or rumination and feelings of overload.

Unable to handle this, we are compensating by brief and shallow experiences. The compromise or sacrifice in doing this is the suspension of Depth and Meaning of experiences. The experiences then become merely a stimulation to substitute, distract and avoid the Cognitive Fog resulting from overthinking and Brain Drain.

Thinking over is a cognitive ability of Transcending old Cognitive loops of Acquired intelligence and feeling closer to our Natural Intelligence. This may involve not reacting, not knowing and not being constantly engaged in the state of the world at all times.

This definitely involves Selecting, Sorting and Curating our exposures and experiences.

One thought on “Overthinking or Thinking Over !

  1. Interesting analysis. I liked the subject line. Over thinking can also be connected to person’s past experiences, upbringing, nature etc. while undoubtedly the external chaos has multiplied the problem leading to collapse!
    How to think over instead of over think needs to be addressed. Are there any exercises that can help?…please include in your next blog.

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