The Soul


Soul (Ananda-Maya Kosha)

Soul is the Sona. Soul is the first-born state of Individual Intelligence within me. The Soul represents the Individual’s Uni-Verse. In bodily terms, it was the Zygote, a single cell (Uni-Cell) which had the potential to magnify and amplify into a diverse set (World) of cells, tissues, organs, and systems forming the Physical Persona.

Soul being a Meta-physical Presence, a super-conscious presence, its functions, and activities can be accessed and realized through the practice of Meditation. Meditation is to silence the existential aspects of Body, Mind and Psyche.

Soul has the omnipotent state of pure Energy emerging from Consciousness. Symbolized as Light or a spark of Brightness. It is the seat of Vital energies, Breath of Psyche, or the Anima for Meta-Cognition.

Anandamaya Kosha carries the Archetypes that is elucidated by Jung. Pineal Gland of Brain is the physical equivalent of the Vital Source.

The Soul of any Intelligence is the Core of itself. For Body, the Brain Center. For Mind, it is Pathos. For Intellect it is Logos. For Soul, Ethos. For our Tech devices, it is the Chipset within.

For Spiritual Guides, is it the Consciousness! Are they connected with Consciousness ? How much of Universal Light do we carry ? What does ‘Being Spiritual’ mean ? Does Re-Legion represent the Spiritual sense anymore ?

I Wonder !!

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