Somnus (Latin Origin) meant Sleep. Nidra (Sanskrit origin) means Sleep. Dravya means substance or entity, having a form.

Nihi-Dra or Nidra means the body and mind return to the base state of its composing elements.

How is this Relevant?

Our Brain and Body is made up of five base elements (Pancha-bhutas or dhravya). During waking state, the cells and tissues of the body are animated by Prana (sustains the Biological processes). During sleep, cells and tissues of Brain and Body return to their base state and the flow of Prana recedes to minimum.

Brain wave recordings (called EEG), shows four different wave patterns. Sleep waves (spindles) are categorized into alpha, beta, theta, and delta waves. Alpha and Beta waves form part of sleep called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, during which Dream formations occur in Brain. Theta and delta wave sleep (Non-REM) is the most restful portion of sleep. During this period, Brain involutes to its most rested, base state. This produces the sense of Restoration and Rejuvenation (Healing potential).

How is this related to Lifestyle Issues?

As noted in Depression and Anxiety, the Deep sleep (NREM) phase is disturbed or split. The Brain loses continuity required for entering the base state, which happens later in night (during the Sleep Cycle). The outcomes are low energy, not feeling refreshed, sleep not being adequate, increased quantity of sleep not rejuvenating enough, spiraling of restlessness, poor attention, foggy sense of concentration, constant nervousness, and tension in the muscles.

As noted in Normal Life, poor sleep particularly chronic (long lasting issues) can lead to disturbances in appetite, digestion, body weight management (weight gain/ weight loss) and decreased performance in tasks that require high energy and sustained focus or motivation.

How can I address my Insomnia?

Sleep need is Unique to my Body Constitution. Sleep patterns are linked to my Brain’s process.

– Identify Sleep needs by observing sleep-wake schedule. “What makes me feel refreshed!”

– Identify Sleep patterns by noting the time, ease, quality, and routines. Patterns are linked to Lifestyles and Habits. They also vary with seasons and behavioral activity. 

– Sleep onset requires a bit of Automation. Stop treating Brain like an ATM machine 24×7.

– Create a Buffer time (30 min) between last intense Brain / Body activity. Be calmer and slow down agitations of Mind and movements of Body.

Ambience Lighting or Mood Lighting and Aroma candles help to some extent.

– Have a private, regular place of sleep. Some also prefer to sleep on same side of bed.

If this basic Self-assessment is not enough, consult a Healthy Doctor!

 Remember, I can only Monetize a Healthy Body and Calm Brain.

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