The Search

Everyone has a search. Basic search are for contentment, freedom and a ‘Voidous fulfillment’. Our efforts in life are a series of experiments with ever changing reality to realize this fulfillment.

We choose, we follow, we act. If better options and alternatives arise, we review and choose other opportunities to explore more.We realize the temporariness of our pursuits and with experience, our pursuits and choices mature. In effect, Life is a series of Choices. The Choice may be to feel helpless or to fight and change a situation.

We spend time with these experiences till we realize another experience to be more meaningful. This is part of the process of Growth or Evolution, where our mind and intellect are the tools with which we experiment. Every One of Us is Alone here to taste the reality, test their worth and move on.

What matters in life is conviction of our choice, acceptance of the outcome of our choice and the contentment derived. But someone, somewhere, sometime shakes that conviction of ours and we start our search afresh.

I mentioned the term ‘Voidous fulfillment’ because every experience of life leaves behind in us the desire to search something better; Hence the void in spite of fulfillment of the desire.

When does the Search end?
Probably when the desire to Search ends ! Perhaps with Self- Realization !

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