The Body

The Body (Anna-Maya kosha)

The Life of the physical body begins as a Single cell called Zygote. The basic coding block of this Single Cell (Uni-cell) of body is Chromosome. A set of Chromosome is inherited (Legacy) from parent’s body types. Chromosomes have sequence of Information strands (DNA).The DNA carries basic coding units (Genes).

Genes influence the Uni-cell to express its Intrinsic Intelligence, then multiply and diversify into groups of cells (Tissues). Tissues multiply,  organize and rearrange into different Organs. Multiple Organs evolve ways of connecting and co-operating (System). Hormones are secreted to create Harmony and balance (Homeostasis) between Systems. Multiple Systems co-exist together, to be birthed as One Fetus. This evolution from single cell to the Birth of Fetus (Baby) is nurtured by Womb (Extrinsic Intelligence). 

Isn’t this Journey from Uni-Cell to Neo-nate, a process of how an Idea or Intent is born?

Does the mature Fetus not represent a Society, made of different cells, organs and systems wired to cooperate and function for collective good?

When some Genes or cells, break ranks from the DNA’s core Information, they mutate, cor-rupting the Constitution of Body.

When Tissues and Organs accumulate more toxic elements and substances (more than what can be dismissed), they get damaged!

When the Tissues stop recognizing its allies, becomes intolerant to other tissues within, does it cause Auto immune conflicts and disorders?

When Systems (Brain, Heart, Lungs etc) are strained due to poor lifestyle and ingesting un-natural  foods, drugs and substances; can the hormones go on overdrive or into suppression?

Are we aware of our Human Biology, its Natural Constitution, State of its Health or Dis-ease, the damages we inflict and the trauma we cause to our own Self-Carrier? Do we know too much to Care, but apply too little to Re-pair? I Wonder !! 


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