What is a Healthy Mind?

The Mind Emotes as Instincts, Traits, and Impulses. The primary emotions are Joy, Sadness, Surprise, Love, and Fear.

Originally, as an Infant we express these emotions spontaneously. The Mind is pure. Emotions are simple and Idealistic. Expression and Reception is Simple, defenseless. Mind is still one Realm (Folder) representing the Psyche as In-no-sense (Innocence). No social media (or person) has made a mark.

As the Mind experiences the World, the Ideal emotions undergo frustrations, whenever it does not meet an instant outside match (much like Instagram account) or validation. Disappointment of instant gratification result in Sadness and Anxiety.

Frustrated emotions undergo modifications, thus forming Temperaments. Temperament calibrates Moods. Desires require holding back, instead of instant gratifications and this creates the subfolder called subconscious layer of Mind. This holding back mechanisms is called Defences of the Mind.

Mood and Desire drive Affection to create an impact on the nurturer or others. Subconscious Mind tweets to bypass the frustration and engage with world. Motivation sustains the repeated attempts to engage with objects of desire. Further frustrations of initiatives form Secondary emotions (feelings), like anger, shame, guilt, despair.

Subconscious mind pushes back the secondary emotions into another storage subfolder (Unconscious layer). The Mind still attempts to express and experience primary (pure) emotions and receive it, which feels like Hope. More disappointments and unpleasantness of Trial and Error turn the positive emotions to their negative shades (counterpart). Mind looks (like Facebook) for reasons, discussions and arguments to negotiate and win the need for primary emotions.

Perceptions looks colored with negativity, and sickness. The same negativity and sickness breeds within our Mind, clipping our sanity, while our Unconscious Mind (storage of Angst, Hatred or Disgust) looks to prune the sickness out in the World.

What Originally began as an Existential Journey of Love Story (give and take love), turns to an Existential Stagnation of Hate Story (give and take hate).

The Original State of Mind was Health. The dis-ease, illusions, disillusions and Illness came later during existential experiences, as Corruptions set in the relationships.

Do I want to Return and Heal? (Spiritual Path). Do I want to Heal and Return? (Psyche-Therapy Path). Whichever the way, the acquired baggage from experience must be left, where this Condition was found. The Power to Heal is Within You.

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  1. A judicous use of spiritual and psyche-therapy path can be a possibility of synergistic healing with least aberratiive possibility.

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