'Pro' means before and 'blem' means something unpleasant, adverse or obstacle, in the current language context. Problem solving would mean anticipating, becoming aware and projecting a solution before hitting the event or situation that is unpleasant, adverse to progress or becomes an obstacle in the direction of efforts / progression. Problem solving is not about … Continue reading Problem

AI, the Ego formation of the Digiverse

The Cyber domain has been birthing newer technologies and making its way into many functions and process of our physical and mental lives. Fragmentation of the ecosystem has been a natural outcome of the pace and divergence of the technological spread. Information seeking and gathering has been externalized to digital search engines rather than the … Continue reading AI, the Ego formation of the Digiverse

Overthinking or Thinking Over !!

Cognition and Re-cognition are a feature of our Mind's ability to perceive and familiarize with the outer exposures and experiences of the World. These experiences are in the forms of thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical sensations mediated by the Brain. Our Mind captures and stores these information as Memory and connecting triggers (links to these … Continue reading Overthinking or Thinking Over !!

Overthinking or Thinking Over !

The state of the world keeps evolving at a faster and wider rate than ever before in our known human history. This state and the human condition are not a synchronized expansion of ideologies, beliefs or emotional matrix. The physical and digital [technological] experiences offer more scope for novelty, curiosity and experimentation rather than a … Continue reading Overthinking or Thinking Over !


Sanatana is not just a word or language matter. It indicates a realm of intelligence.

INDEPENDENCE – A State of Mind

On Independence and Habitual co-dependence creating Vasanas


Glossa, lexicon and Biblion represent the Tools of Mental perceptions and communications. These tools underwent distortions and corruptions over time. The left over forms of language serves the Rhetoric more than the actual truth.

Summing II

Narratives, stories, ideas, language and poly-ticks change. The Human experience remain just an expiring Lexicon!

Recapitulating- I

Summing Up Requires Breaking Down, Sum-Times.!

HERD – How was it ?

Unity, Similarity, Assimilation and Cohesion are complementary words. These indicated the base characteristic called Herd Instinct. Animals still display these Instincts. How did these play out in the Human History ? Yoga or Yog represented this state within the Individual. This manifested as Interpersonal alignments between Individuals. Social relations were a function of these equations. … Continue reading HERD – How was it ?