How can I manage Depression?

This article is focussed on managing Depression. The earlier article is a detailed version to understand Depression.

Depression is the opposite of Expression.

Cause of depression can be in the Mind (Mental) or Brain (Biological).

Mental:  This happens due to inhibition or suppression. Inhibition is when the Subconscious Mind lacks motivation, impulse and energy to emote. Suppression is when the Conscious Mind blocks or reverses the feelings backward.

Biological: Happens when Brain does not produce enough nerve hormones or enzymes (Damage to the Brain cells). Or imbalance in the coordination and equilibrium of enzymes (in conditions like Anemia, Thyroid deficiency etc).

Experience of Depression can be only of the Mind, or Body or Mixed.

Mind Symptoms: low or slow emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Clouded thoughts, excessive thinking, blocks in flow of ideas. Intensity of feelings decreased, feel like avoiding feeling too much about something or having too many different feelings. Constant wish to avoid people or situations and seek a private space, wish to be ‘Left alone’.

Body Symptoms: muscle aches, lethargy, headaches, easily getting tired, low appetite, insomnia or unrefreshing hypersomnia, weight loss, improper bowel motions.

Mixed: Both Mind and Body symptoms will be prominent. In milder depression, symptoms are less severe.

Dealing with Depression is Challenging, whether it is mild, moderate, or severe.

– Acknowledge Depression to Address it. Fighting it with Denial does not make it go away.

– Note down how your Mind and Body are different from your usual or normal state.

– Identify (if you can), specific events, situations, or problems which started the depression.

– Talk to trusted family member or friend to see if opening about the issue feels relief.

– If not, approach your local doctor or health worker for advice.

– Consult a Helpline, Counselor or Psychiatrist, if depression is not letting you function daily.

– Call Emergency or Suicide Hotline, if you also have thoughts of Suicide, Intense Fear or Panic.

2 thoughts on “How can I manage Depression?

    • Ideal practice would be to see a psychiatrist first and be referred to a psychologist further. The reason is, there are medical conditions like anemia, thyroid hormone disturbances, vitamin deficiencies etc. which can cause depression or increase the depression. These Biological contributors need to be identified early and treated appropriately. I have come across many cases where psychological therapies for depression was applied without good recovery. In one such case, the person had Wilsons disease that went undiagnosed for years,
      In situations where depression has a clear emotional trigger like loss of relationship or adverse social event, one should get started with Psychologist or Counselor, as early as possible. In such cases, the psychologist or counselor may refer to psychiatrist for medical clearance.

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