Lifestyle Integration

Integration is a continuous process, a process of tuning up our Lifestyles.

The process is like assimilating (gathering) various elements required for building a house and then putting them together in a balanced, harmonious, and productive interaction.

May we know the need for this INTEGRATION. In a musical instrument, we adjust the strings in relation to the other, to have perfect concordance between the strings. The note (Dhwani) from each string resonates in harmony (Sura) to produce music (Sangeet).

Similarly, our existence comprises of numerous elements. The Soul, Intellect, Mind and Body are the strings or members of the Instrument called My Self (Swayam). When the members are tuned in harmony with each other, our Psyche (Swayitva) emanates the note of Self confidence and Self Worth. The Self produces the music of fulfilment and prosperity called HOME (Griha).

Psyche is the Locus of Purpose for the Individual’s Existential Journey. Psyche carries the individual’s template for the evolution of Persona. Psyche is the resource of Instincts, Intuition and Traits.

Psyche is the DNA of the Mind (Unconscious). Mind (Subconscious) adds Emotions, Temper, Mood, Desire and Affection to transform Psyche elements into another Internal Realm called Persona. This Subconscious Mind interfaces with Society (people, surroundings, environment). Mind (Conscious) adds Motivation, Talent and Skill to transform Persona into the Exterior Realm called Personality.

 The orchestration of these successive units of our Intelligence; Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality and Brain helps us experience wider dimensions of Life and create the symphony called Humanity. The harmonious Interaction of all these Internal (Subjective) realms of Intellect, Mind and Body represents Reason, Emotions and Senses.

Inner Harmony manifests as Peace, Calm and Positive Awareness. This Inner state sets the requisite equilibrium and purity to bring forth (manifest) the Intuitive wisdom of the Soul. This Intuitive wisdom guides us to align with our Consciousness (Self Realization).

Lifestyle is about Choices we Accept, and Choices we Ignore; everyday, every hour, every minute. Lifestyles is the conscious, active content we upload to our Mind, Body and Environment.

Am I Aware? Do I care? Do I wonder? Do I Learn? Do I Search? Do I seek? Do I soar? Is my Lifestyle just a meek slavery, that stalls its way to Existential Blunder!!!     ‘I’ Surrender….

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