Learn to Unlearn

Meaning of ‘Learn’ has evolved frivolously. In Old English (to get knowledge, be cultivated, think about); Gothic sense (I know); High German (track).

Is the current “litter-ral” meaning, COPY and POST ?!

Learning has many aspects like Creativity, Memory, Habituation, Conditioning, Experi-mentation, Repetition and Mastery.

Learning requires Curiosity and Inquisition, as the main Drivers. Learning requires the Mind filter (Reason) to keep out (Reject) information which does not matter. Learning depends on the Intrinsic element called Instinct and Trait. Learning needs the moderator called Temperament. Learning occurs with an external feed called Teacher (could be a person, experience or Nature).

For Learning to happen, Mind and Brain need adaptive storage space.

Adaptive Storage space, once saturated by Memories, Thinking Habits (Beliefs), Emotional patterns (Conditions of If’s and But’s), Prejudices (Rules and Terms), Compulsive Attitudes and Obsessive Self-Acceptance (Narcissism) leaves no space for further or New Input or Learning. Life stages do not feel like Progress. Mind just Re-Cycles or imitates What is Happening out with others.

Do ‘I’ Learn by Choice? Does my Learning match my Instincts? Do my Skills match my Temperaments? Why do I have no appetite for new learning? What data does my Teacher feed me? If I do want to Revive my Existential Mind, how do I Learn to Unlearn?

How long does it help to Pretend Development? Until I Stall !!

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