Latin origin, ‘Locus‘ meant ‘a place’ of origin, source, occurence or activity. Not to be confused with Sanskrit word, ‘Lok’ meaning ‘Realm’ or ‘World’.

Every Life Force originates within a Source. Just as our Body forms in a Womb. Our Persona incubates in our Mind. Our Personality shapes in the Family and activates in the Society.

From a place of Origin to the place of destined activity, Our Instincts and Intelligence, traverses through various Realms, Realities, Roles and Times. Journey of Life takes us to different places and through different phases. Intelligence is formed, modified, faded and lost in this process of temporary places we inhabit or occupy. Memory is assimilated and Memory dumped.

My Identity originates One Self, Psyche outsourced to develop multiple attachments in Family, exported to evolve mutifaceted Persona in Society and express a polyfunctional Personality for the Roles ‘I’ play in the World.

Do ‘I’ have a place (Locus) within (Intrinsic), which doesn’t change (Constancy) with Time or Place? Does my Intrinsic Locus stay Unified (Stability), despite the divergences of the Existential Journey? Is my Locus Independent? Does my Locus of Introversion make me Unique? Did my Locus of Extroversion sophisticate my Persona? If my Mind is Divergent into many places (Zones), am I dependent on (person, people, things) to hold me together? How do I check my Locus of Self?

Why do my Experiences cause split (divorce) between my LOCUS, FOCUS and VOLUS?

These 3 elements form the Basic Trinity of Psyche’s Existential Drives. How do I INTEGRATE them into One Bond, ‘I’ mesmer!!

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