The Persona

Derived from Latin word, Per-sonare; means ‘In accordance with Radiance (Gold). Multiple adaptations of the word are Mask, Appearance, Role, Individuality, Character, Identity, Self, Psyche etc.

Persona is the sum or collective Union (Integration) of an Individuals Intelligence and Awareness. Persona is composed of an Individuals Intellect (Vigyanamaya Kosha), Mind (Manomaya Kosha) and Body (Annamaya Kosha). Per Carl Jung, the center of the Personality is the Self.

Persona (Vyakthi) is our Self’s (Swa in Sanskrit) means to exist and experience Whorl’s of alternate realities (Diversity in Creation). Personology refers to the study of the formation, operation, adaptation and dissolution of different types and aspects of Persona during our Lifetime, in the Context of Life experiences.

Life Experiences impact our Body (through Biological Sensations), our Mind (through emotional Sensibilities), Our Intellect (through Reason and Logic), our Soul (through Empathy). Experiences leave Impressions. The Impressions form layers of Memory. Impressions can be stronger or weaker depending on the Attachment to the Experience.

Repeated Impressions become stronger and embed in Memory as acquired identifications (Artificial Intelligence). Thus, Memory grows and establishes a ‘World View’, within our Brain and Mind. Our Memory bank has three folders, Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious. This entire subscription together becomes one System of Cognizance called Ego. Ego then drives our Persona, instead of earlier state of ‘Innocence’.

Self is the Innate (Original) Intelligence within our Persona. Self is the seat of Character. Self and Persona are two counterparts. When they couple together and Align (Yogya state), Persona is True. Self and Persona can become divided (Ayogya state), deviating from Self. This state of Persona alienated and deviant from Self, is False Persona.

During a Life-Time, do we Self Actualize a Persona? Does the Family system enable Self Empowerment ? Does the Education system Nurture True Personal Growth ?  Do the Social systems Corrupt our Memory ? Do the Health Systems heal the Personal injuries (Ruptures)?

Defenses (Fight, Flight or Mute) to survive the Existential Crises ! Is that the Story of my Life ? Social Euthanasia or Psychecide, how do I break the Loop before my Life-Time ends, I wonder !!

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