How can I manage Stress?

Stress is hardship, pressure or adverse force on our Individual system. It can originate from any Realm of our Mind or Body or Environment. Origin of stress can be Internal or External.

Stress is Internal (Cognitive) when there is conflict within our Thoughts (Reason) or Feelings (Emotions) or Actions (Behaviors). This is called Cognitive Dissonance.

Stress is External (Social) when the source of stress is conflict of Self-interest with our Environment (other person, finances, work etc.)

Experience of Stress

Mental: Irritable, distraction, tiredness, poor sleep, worry, wandering attention, inability to focus, short temper, comfort shopping or buying, compensatory social outings, fleeting interest while doing things, inability to feel usual joy or lasting happiness etc.

Biological: Headaches, Body aches, nervousness, inability to relax the muscle tension, anxiety, digestive upsets, irritable bowel, etc.

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Stress can affect any part or whole of our Self system. How Stress manifests is person specific.

Dealing with Stress is like dealing with allergy.

  • Acknowledge the frustration that there is no one way that suits everyone.
  • Identify your source or trigger points of stress. List the things that stresses you most.
  • Separate the Trigger list into those that you can avoid (not important to deal with) and those you cannot avoid (important to manage as part of ‘My Life’).
  • Revisit the List periodically since what we can avoid and what we cannot avoid, changes with time and situations of life.
  • Choose to prepare your Mind, Body and Behavior to face the ‘Important to Manage’ Triggers.
  • From the Ocean of advices, opinions, products and services in the STRESS MARKET, identify few of the items which suits you and follow consistently.
  • Experimentations with all the Stress Busters can occupy a lifetime with poor results or even cause more physical, emotional and financial distress.
  • Consult a Health Expert who can guide or help find the right solution for YOU, not for the Business Enterprise.

6 thoughts on “How can I manage Stress?

    • Note down My Life – Trigger LIst. Identify the Stress Reaction (the ways your Mind and Body reacts in Stress). Check if the stress buster product is worth your Trust. Cross check with friends who have used it. Most importantly, during initial use, see what it does to your Mind and Body. Do not persist on using it compulsively.

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