Origin from Old English word, ‘Freodom’ which meant ‘a state of emancipation, liberty or free will’.  According to Indo-European roots, ‘frei’ (shared root in Friend) meant ‘love’.

“Dictionary states Freedom as the inner quality or state of being free, with absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.”

Wiki states, Freedom as having the ability to act or change without constraint. Presuming that what is ‘free’ can change easily and is not constrained in its present state.

Mathematical concepts, view Equations with Degrees of Freedom.

Freedom in current popular sense is ‘the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.’

Freedom can be viewed in multiple contexts. Individual, Psyche-logical, Cognitive, Emotional, Behavioral, Social, Moral, Economic, Academic, Religious, Vocational, Political. In Philosophy, Freedom from Self (Uber) and Freedom from World (Liber) are Themes of study.

In my View, Absolute Freedom is an Illusion (Maya). Condition is a Reality of Existence. Freedom can be correlated with the Einstein’s Principle ‘Theory of Relativity’. Freedom is Related to the Context. Freedom is related to my Position, in the Hierarchy of Power (Locus). Freedom is acquired in Degrees (proportion) in our Equations of the World and Equations with the Universe. Freedom is the potential to act or change and break free from Conditions and constraints. Freedom is the Inner most Quality, basis of Choice, which gives us the quest for Individuality. Freedom is the Core Instinct of Self Determination (Will). Freedom is the Why the Uni-verse (Adwaith or Non- dual)) expanded and birthed Di-verses (Dwaith or Duality) and Multi-verses.

Freedom is Unconditional Love. Cannot be achieved. Can only be Realized.

When did I have Freedom in my Existential Journey? In the Womb! In the Cradle! In Mother’s lap! In the house! In the School! In my Work! In my Marriage! In my Entrepreneurship!  In my Parenting! In my Retirement! In my Death! In my Afterlife! In my Re-start!

Rebellion in every phase of Existential growth brought me some Liberation. In the Ocean of Freedom, ‘I’ built my own Statues of Liberty. Liberty is Degrees of Freedom in the context of Accountability. My Accountability rests with the Purpose of Life, in each Life!!

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