Origin from ‘Liber’, the ‘Free One.

Liberty as per Diction, means a state of freedom from external control, oppression, coercion, or imposition from authorities. Liberty is the right to determine my own or personal choices of views, behavior, and Life.

If someone has Genuine Freedom, what is Liberty needed from?

In my view, Liberty is a degree of freedom, in the context of specific ecosystem, the specific Roles, Functions and Responsibilities (I am expected to perform). Liberty is not Universal and Unconditional. Liberty is subject to terms and conditions called ‘Norms’. Norms are based on collective choice for a common good. Norms are supposed to evolve over course of time. Norms are not expected to be conserved unreasonably or followed rigidly.

Rigid and dogmatic conservation of norms in the society (ecosystems of family, education, culture, occupation, religion, faith etc) creates maladaptive CONDITIONING of next generation Individuals, their Minds, Persona and Behaviors. Conditioning is like caging, domesticating, or Addicting someone, preventing the Persona from being Self Aware and becoming (manifesting) the Personality by exploration and choice.

Liberty is not an Individual’s ‘Being Human’ thing, it is a Mutual thing. Liberty is derived from the Power of Accountability to sense of Duty (Dharma) and Committed Action (Karma) to Roles chosen.

Liberty is a must, if the Person needs to learn and grow by his own experiences, through his own Rise and Fall in the context of the World. Liberty leads us to connect with our Internal Locus (Free Will). In Relationships, Liberty is an Equation of sharing. Unfortunately, it has become a matter of Hoarding Power and Privileges.

Someday, I hope, we learn to Balance Liberty and Conditioning, then Blend it Right!

Liberty Skills, Conditioning Kills.

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  1. Well elucidated ! Only with proper blending and balancing, appropriate flowering and empowerment of spirit will happen. Oppression and repression of our own body, mind and intellect aren’t healthy and holistic. Manipulation of the person or people for one’s narrow selfish or nefarious gains contradicts the very basics and basis of liberty ,freedom and fraternity of Homo sapiens as such. God bless you Dr Rajesh for good elucidation.

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