Conditioning by Dr.RVI

Origin from ‘condicere’ (Latin), meaning ‘agree upon’, which evolved to mean ‘agreement’, then ‘agree with’. Root words, ‘con’ (with, together) and ‘dicere’ (to say).

CONDITION means a particular mode of being, of a person or thing (existing state).

Conditioning is defined as a process of training or accustoming a person or animal to behave in a certain way or to accept certain circumstances.

Why do we need Condition and Conditioning?

During our Existential Journey, we experience multiple Realities of Life and multiple phases of Learning and Unlearning. To overcome Naivety and Surprise, we need basic familiarity and awareness about any novel aspect of Society or Life. All we need is a basic template of information, to get us started on a path of exploration and personalize our learning. Learning becomes more contextual (Reality based), less fantastic (fantasy based).

Why do Condition and Conditioning go wrong?

During the Experiences, our Self Alertness about what we like and do not like helps us choose and un-choose experiences, continually. We find attachments and undo attachments, based on our Inner Compass. Persuasion, compulsion, pressures, rhetoric, false modeling, from external sources like parents, peers, society, culture, tradition etc. makes our Persona adapt unreasonably or slavishly. The connection with Inner Compass (Psyche), loosens or becomes dormant. Self-Alertness and Self Choice lose priority. We may become Unhappy Extroverts searching our Introvertish comfort space.

What is the Purpose of Conditioning?

Conditioning is required to recreate a Herd (Shared) Mindset, whether Spiritual, Intellectual, Mental, Physical or Social. For this to occur, first there must be a willful union. Without Will (Volus), conditioning is enslavement and abuse.

Conditioning is also a transitory method of initial introduction and orientation to new learning. Beyond this, Self-Initiative and Self Induction has no substitute.

Freedom, Liberty and Conditioning are three angles of Life Senses. One who learns the Balance, Masters his Destiny.

Conditioning by Dr.Sonali Sarkar

Ever felt trapped within, having an awareness of your own persona which is deep within you longing to be vibrant but layered with the external layers of conditioning. You know you are not which is external but something more than what you have been conditioned to.

I remember this story which I had heard a long time ago about an eagle’s egg being cared and nurtured by a hen. The hen with her all expertise loved, cared, trained the hatched baby eagle as her own chicken. The eagle grew up looking for seeds in the ground and never tried to look towards the sky. The Hen never understood what the eagle was longing for within. The eagle was trapped inside the conditioned world of the chicken and one day it looked towards the sky and tried its best with lot of pain to fly towards the sky. Every time it tried it failed. At last the day arrived, it flew to its freedom. Leaving behind the world of chickens.

I wonder about the world of chicken now! What did the hen think about the eagle? What did other chicken gossip and brand the eagle as? Did the happiness and freedom of the Eagle ever be analysed or agreed upon? Was the Eagle’s mind constantly be filled with the approval of the hen and the other chicken?

Then I realised isn’t our life also as that of the Baby eagle being loved, cared, nurtured but with sets of rules calling it conditioning. Right from our first cry to the last breathe. Conditioned by this society and our own family. And one identifies his or her own persona and vibrates it out the world brands them being a rebel, crazy, out casted.

 “But”- You must be thinking why is the doubled quoted but for?

When the same Eagle becomes successful (Mighty) according to the social norms, the eagle is praised to glory, raised to heights and accepted by the chickens. What makes the chicken do that?

Question for the Eagle:  “Do we want to be trapped or do we want explore our persona, remove the layers of social and familial conditioning and fly to freedom?

Question for the Hen and the chicken: “Do we want to identify the real person who is loved and nurtured by us and be supportive, encouraging, elevating our Eagles?

I leave the Choice to u – TRAP OR FREEDOM?

3 thoughts on “Conditioning

  1. Trap or freedom??
    The way you explained is too good. Exploratory thought. Each person should understand their state and try to fly accordingly. Appreciate your effort.

  2. So well explained, Dr. Sonali. Our society always plays a blame game. But nobody knows their potential. It is such a fine balance that is required to succeed. A well nurtured person will aim better to succeed well in life. This article clearly shows that parents should learn to condition their children than being protective about them.

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