The Society

The Society (Sama-Aaj)

Derived from the word Socius, meaning ally, friend. Sama means Balance. Aaj means today. According to Peter L Berger, Society is a product, created by Humans, and this creation turns back and recreates or moulds humans every day.

Author Scott Peck stated Conscious community building is a process of deliberate design based on the knowledge and application of certain rules. Another remark was a sense of community is easy but maintaining this sense of community is difficult in the modern world.

Society today is seeking a new Balance. Perhaps a new Order! But why this Dis-ease? Why this Dis-Order? Why this Dis-information? Why this Mis-treatment? Why this Mis-management? What is Humankind critically missing?

Society is the order and state of the natural and man-made systems, we are born into and traverse through. It is either in a state of relative constancy or into a state of flux. Flux and change can be relatively organized, disorganized, random or chaotic.

Functional Society has at its core, two Principle Values; Enabling and Coexisting. Mutual regard for an Individuals Persona, freedom of exploration and growth, a sense of Self-enabled direction and Self-correction of choices. A functional Social Role. Freedom with Accountability is the essence of what we seek as Citizens. Purposeful or well understood alignment with futuristic needs of parts or systems of society is expected of Leaders.

Let us do an In-look to Identify the Intraversion (the ways of the world Imbibed Inside Me) before the Outlook for Extraversion (the ways of the Objective world outside). Is the Society a reflection of our Minds? Are my Behaviors forming the Society? Is the Society inflicting our Mind and Psyche? Are we caught up in a vicious cycle of Negativity and Parasitic consumption between my Psyche and Society? Does Society Impact the Nature’s Ecosystems and vice versa?

Governance systems! Who governs the Natural systems? Who governs the Man-made systems? How do these two intersect? Do humans play God with each other and Nature? Is there a payoff, when the Equation changes!

Do Humans care enough to listen to the laws of the Universe? I wonder!

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