Poetry Springs

Finding Myself

I look at the mirror, who do I see?
My mother, my father, who am I to be?
Where do I go, when they all say no?
Who do I be, when that’s all they see?

Why do I bother, when I’m just a clone?
Someone who follows, someone to control
You want me to be who you wished to become,
What of myself, when it’s banished away?

You told me to follow, so how do I lead?
You told me to smile, so how do I cry?
Do my thoughts not matter?
My own way of life,
I don’t know who I am,
Without you I am lost

I find my way through; the fog clears out
The light shines bright, I found a way!
I run towards it, freedom so near
I can reach it, it’s oh so clear!

I find myself there, in the garden of light
I see only myself, not another in sight
We join our hands, it feels so right
We merge as one, I am freed from my plight

– Risanah

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