The Human Personality

What contributes to the forming of the Personality?

The Individual personality consists of four primary sub-systems.

(1) The Physical structure with its biological system is one domain. Sense- Abilities like touch, vision, hearing, taste, smell, movements and Response-Abilities like grasp, walk, chase, sounds, exploring objects is captured by Brain and Nerves.

(2) The Mind with its capacity to capture feelings, emotional experience, emotional expressions, likes, dislikes, personal desires etc is another sub-system.

(3) The Intellect is another sub-system which absorbs experiences, organizes the experiences into understanding, analyzes them forming logical impressions, inferences, patterns, predictions of repeat experience etc.

(4) The Soul is the core system which carries the blueprint of Individual’s Intelligence. Soul holds capacities, potentials and ability to connect with Collective Consciousness (Jyothir-maya).

All these four domains of intelligence together form the Human personality in an ideal sense. Each Domain of Intelligence has unique sets of Characteristics, Traits and Memory stores.

Personality evolves (since birth) like a matrix, interlinking separate abilities, traits, cognition and emotional patterns. Social and environmental experience, acquired habits, learning and re-learning contribute to Shaping and Modifications of Personality.

Persona is what I see within (Inner Awareness). Personality is what others see about me ( Expressed Behaviors).

4 thoughts on “The Human Personality

  1. A good way of interpreting Persona and Personality.
    The above description is also very similar to the 5 Sheaths namely physical , pranic or energy , mental ,intellectual and bliss.

  2. I like the crisp explanation of Persona and Personality, and the 4 sub systems of personality.
    Question: Is Instinct a component of Intellect?

    • Instinct is the unmodified raw component of the Base state of any of the sub systems of Persona. Hence, Instincts arise from Base states of Soul, Intellect, Mind and Body. However, Instincts get blocked or suppressed within the subsystems, for various reasons and contexts. This is called Asynchrony.
      When the Instincts of Soul, Intellect, Mind and Body are in synchrony, Individual Intelligence is Expanded and Personality manifests completely.

      Thank you. A very good Question.

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