Digi – Virtual (Anka-Maya Kosha)

Cyber, derived from cyber-netics (system of electronic communication and virtual reality).

Bionics, Robotics, Humanoids; we hear these words. Concepts, fiction, or fads; the world of Digital and Virtual Realities is a Revolution. Cyberspace is expanding, information is in Clouds and spreads as easily as air.

Connectivity and Networking becoming seamless with 5G nets, instantaneous, we enter an era of Connected devices. Data processing speeds, range and bandwidths widening their horizons.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Machines that will Self learn through their exposure to Data!

Smart systems, Smart gadgets, Smart views, Smart things; leading us into the future vision of Internet of Things (IoT). Electronic systems and devices communicate, sync and merge into another Platform of Intelligence.

Wearables, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are entering their phase of proximity with our Physical bodies. Sensors are helping these devices and wearables, track, and sync with our Biological and Physiological functions. Implanted circuits and devices may make their way into our Body.

Neural network and Cognitive computing Interface will make the wearables more Intimate and Interactive with human body. Interoperability and Interconvertibility of digital ecosystems will enable Cohesion in Cyberspace.

Convergence of the Digital Architecture; will this lead to a wearable, programmed, universal, digital sheaths? Will this be the way we ‘work from anywhere?’ Will Holograms provide us the leverage for Self- Representing (Avatar) as Digi-Persona?

As the Cyber domain is birthing and maturing, Human Minds seems to be going the opposite way. Distancing, Disconnecting, mis-communicating, mis-perceiving, firewalling and stonewalling.

Deep divides, war of perceptions, Battle of Mistrust and pandemic of Angst and Intolerance. Can the Minds Meet? Will they intend to Bond again? Will the Society be an ally or a foe? I wonder!!

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