Trans-Acting II

Trans-action as a Conduct occurs within Individuals’s Self System. Transaction has two Domains: Intra-personal and Inter-personal.

Flow of Spiritual Energies and Instincts from the Self to Psyche, through to Persona, Personality and Environment is one Direction of Transacting. This process is Externalisation from the Core Intel.

Flow of Energies and Influences Inward from Environment towards Personality, Persona, Psyche and Self is another Direction of Transacting. This process is Internalisation from Experiences.

Interpersonal Transactions occur between two Individuals or Entities which have their own Independent Self. Independent Self means, having own internal Core with Free Will and Freedom of Intent.

Transacting can involve one of the two directions (Externalize or Internalize); it can be in both directions with a sense of Balance between the two processes (Bi-direction or Mutuality). Stable sense of Mutuality makes it possible to have Regulatory capacities to manage Self dynamics efficiently (called Homeostasis).

Does our Self System achieve Internal Balance in Transactions ? Do we become aware of our Directions of Transacting ? Do we accomplish Clarity and Consistency of Independent Self ? Does this manifest as Effective Self Regulation of Persona ? What remains and spills out of Personality if we fail to Transact effectively !!!

Self Composure is the primary purpose in every Birth; this guides Self- Sufficiency and Self-Reliance .

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