Meaning ‘to give external existence or form to’ what is within our Inner senses of Perception or Persona. What is within your Self is called Intrinsic. What is manifested through Psyche as Persona is Extrinsic.

Psyche interfaces with the Society and Environment during the formation and functions of Personality. Personality communicates through Selective expressions of Ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, feelings, images and behaviors. Expressing and Existential Conducts, Actions and Pursuits requires the Mind and Body to be aware of the surroundings and context of Life around us. Life around us includes Nature and Man made systems.

Externalizing Self during our existential Life requires Courage, Clarity and Convictions of Truth. Individual needs to re-present our True Self through the outer layers of False Self (False Persona). False Persona is used as an envelope or shield to adapt or defend against the alternate realities of the Society and Environments that we try to survive or sub-serve. Many times it requires multiple attempts to represent and externalize our True Self and its Instincts.

The Processes of Externalizing the Innermost or Core Instincts at the Human realm and in the most functional ways in called Manifesting. Unlearning is a counterpart required for the Self and Psyche to manifest the New Instincts and Intrinsic Intelligence. Just as the Snake sheds its outer layer periodically or the Trees shed the leaves before Springing Fresh shoots and leaves.

The Intent to shed the old is equally essential as the Intent to renew our Personality and its Manifestations.

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