Sense means the ability to use the instruments of Perceptions. Our System has three external Domains of Perceptions. The Intellect perceives thoughts, ideals, facts, correlations and deduces Cause and Effect based Awareness. The Mind perceives emotions, feelings, attachments, desires, passions and reactions that reflects Bonding and Contextual Awareness. The Body perceives physical experiences of touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste, location and motions that recreates the Physical Awareness.

Sensing involves two types of Awareness. Inner Sense (like awareness of the sensations within the body). Outer Sense (like awareness of the sensations from the skin and outside environment).

All three domains- Intellect, Mind and Body have the dual Sense abilities of Inner and Outer Information. Sensing involves the full and expanded use of all three types of Perceiving. Effective and functional perceptions are the basis for proper Reception, Memory and Expression of the Personality.

Expanded, fully operational Sensing is essential to maintain balance between our Persona (Inner Being) and our Personality (External Manifestations).

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