Meaning ‘to accept, recieve or absorb’ what is not already within your Inner senses of Perception or Persona. What is within your Self or Persona is called ‘Subjective‘ and those elements or facts outside of a Person’s Inner Perceptions is called ‘Objective‘.

Psyche communicates through Energies and Instincts. Persona communicates through reception of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions, feelings and images. Receiving or Accepting needs the Mind to allow and open the Free Will of the Individual. Without the Will, the Motivation to Internalize is locked. With opposite Will (due to Mistrust, Skepticism etc), the Motivation to Internalize is blocked.

Learning occurs when unknown information is Internalized, with active participation by Choice. Conditioning occurs when information is absorbed and Internalized by passive involvement without Choice. The Internalized information from experiences is stored in our Intellect, Mind or Brain or distributed in all these layers of the Persona.

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