Origin from Word COMMUNICARE which meant ‘to share‘. The prefix COMM originated from ‘Communes’ which meant something common or ‘public spirit’.

Sharing with care and a respect for public spirit or common sense is now a rare portion of Communication strategy. Communications has ceased to be a dialogue and has evolved into argumentative monologue.

Persona evolves through two main processes. Internal Communication with one’s own Psyche (Self). External communication with the Worldly experiences of People (Interpersonal), of Nature’s systems (ecobiology or ecology) and Human modified systems (Social). Now, we have a added layer of Technology (Digital System).

Since Conception, Human Persona is active on the basis of Inner Instincts and Genetic Traits. Mind’s Persona evolves on the basis of Internal processes from the Psyche alone. Physical Persona evolves based on the physical processes influenced by Genes. Foetus communicates through the womb and post birth the Human body interacts through the physical senses of perception.

Persona evolves and revolves around two main-streams of Information Processing. Internal Communications from Psyche in the form of Energies and Instincts which is called Externalization. External communications from the Experiences and Impressions formed on the Brain are transmitted to the Mind which is called Internalization. The disconnect between these two main streams results in Autistic stage of Persona. But the connected Exchanges and Interaction between these two streams of communications results in the Personality that we manifest and conduct our Lives.

Communications is at the Core of What we Are (Intrinsic) and What we Become (Extrinsic).

Food for thought: Why is listening (versus hearing) an important element to Communications? How does a vacation or retreat help us rejuvenate? And how is that connected to Communications? Why does Love need few words? And an argument takes a huge amount of words that are usually intense?

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    • True. An argument involves the extra motivations of convincing and winning. We hear and speak more, but listen the least or stop listening.
      This leads us to the next Question: What is the difference between Hearing and Listening !

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