Meaning the act of setting free from restraints and constraints; ‘a process of setting or becoming free.’ ‘Freeing up’ processes involve removal of fixations, obsessions, concentrations, preconditioning and prejudices.

Liberating occurs at different Levels and Systems. Systems that fixate on outdated practices of traditions, culture and education (SOCIAL); Systems that fixate on dysfunctional methods of aquiring material prospects, progress and Health (PHYSICAL); Systems that fixate on Covert and Conceited ways of forming Interpersonal relationships (BEHAVIORAL); Systems that persuade us to internalize Bias, Prejudice and Conditioning of Inner Emotions, Feelings and Motivations (MENTAL); Systems and Situations that block our Reasoning, Emoting and Expressive Intent and Drives (MENTALIZING); Systems that fixate on obsolete and impractical Ideas, Beliefs, Ethics and Methods (Intellectual); Systems that fixate on Energies, Instincts, Traits and Temperaments of a previous Era in History of Human Civilization (SPIRITUAL); Systems that fixate on presumptions and assumptions of Individual Connect or Nature’s Synchrony with Universal Designs (MYSTICAL).

Liberating opens up the processes that allow recreation of Internal (Persona) realities and realigning to the External (Relationships) realities of the Society and Environments. Liberation is not merely a one time event. Process can be Simultaneous with our Living, Parallel to our Living or Episodic at the end of a period of Living.

Liberation shifts the three Levels of Intelligence: Locus, Focus and Volus. These shifts (if Intended by Individual) in Fixations facilitate the Transformation of Personality and reorganizes the Cognition with a new sense of Purpose and Living.

Liberation expands the narrow and shrunk wishes, desires, perceptions, percspectives and ideologies caused by Fixations of the Past. Liberation helps every Individual and Persona to start their journey towards their Omnipotent Identities of the Future.

Liberations releases our Persona from becoming a by-product of our Fixations.

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6 thoughts on “Liberation

    • Yes, in a way. Liberation brings within us a sense of Intrinsic Expansion of Awareness. Thus it takes us beyond mere Fixation. Even when fixations are needed (for performing certain goals and functions), they are temporary and do not become bondage that cage our Mind.

    • Stability is of two forms. Stability in Fixation and Stability in Motion (Free movement).
      Analogy: When an Eagle is sitting on the branch of a tree, it is in stable fixed position. When the same Eagle is flying in the Sky, it is in dynamic stability.
      Free Will only allows the Eagle to make the choice of sitting and flying, as needed. Being in a cage or zoo curtails its Liberty to Choose.

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