Meaning ‘obsessive interest and focus..’ or a persistent concentration of libidinal energies upon objects (something) in our environment, aspects of our personality and its experiences (someone).

Psychoanalysis (Freudian) theory defines Fixation as the arresting of part of the libido at an immature stage, causing an obsessive attachment.

Fixation is a process of giving shape and concrete (gross) structure to anything in the Creation. This shaping and structuring of Energies, Instincts, Traits, Motivations, Behaviors and Conduct organizes the Persona into a unique form. Prior to fixations, the Persona is a dynamic and random mixture of pure Energies (like an infant human).

Psyche is a dynamic enterprise initially. As Psyche experiences Realities, it develops fixations which turns into Bondings and Attachments. Fixations reduce dynamism within our Awareness, but it helps in evolving areas of ‘Focus’ or ‘Concentration’.

Excess Fixation (over-fixation) constrains the possibilities of our Psyche and Persona. It limits our natural abilities to expand, review and recreate the Internal systems of Thoughts, Beliefs, Perceptions and Emotions. The unconstrained ability to Synthesize our Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors determines our capacity to MENTALIZE.

Mentalization or the process of effective formation and expression of Personality is part of our Creative growth and evolution.

Food for thought: How does Fixation relate to Addiction? to Conditioning? to Entrenched Perceptions? (Click on the links)

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3 thoughts on “Fixation

  1. Thought provoking article! Fixation can lead to focus and passion which is needed in life? Fixation is needed for goal accomplishment? I understand over fixation can harm, right?

    • Right. Fixation is needed for focus and pursuit of Passion and sustain the effort to accomplish goal (Commitment). OVER FIXATION narrows the awareness and Perceptions causing what is called ‘Tunnel Vision’. Over fixation reduces our Mind’s ability to perform Out of the box or ‘Lateral Thinking.’

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