Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series: Part 4-Entrenched Perceptions

Mind Emotes. Mind Senses through Feelings. Mind Forms Tempers and Imbibes Impressions by experiencing Circumstances. Mind Reacts to Situations, Expresses and Depresses. Mind has Modes of Behaviors, Reason and Hidden Potentials. Mind has States of Learning, Conditioning, Unlearning. Mind Excites and Incites, Connects and Disconnects, Pursues and Withdraws.

During Life’s Journey of Experiences, Mind collects Memories. Multiple Layers of Memories.

Memory of its Expressions, Impressions and Events. Core Memory is formed of these Basic or Primary elements. A child’s Innocent Mind relates spontaneously, from this phase. Mind has very little Conscious Reason or Beliefs as the basis for Behaviors.

Memory of Situations, Circumstances and the details of its expressions and impressions are formed throughout childhood. Different Modes and States of Mind activate Reasoning and Interpretations. Nurturers first and Peers later, contribute or Insert their Reasons and Interpretations. Some Reasoning styles are imposed by traditions, culture, social trends, and educational institutions.

Reasoning styles, Temperaments and Memories together build our Belief System. The Belief Systems within the Mind Influence Perceptions.

By early youth, Mind usually reduces its open exploration of Life and its possibilities. Innocence is replaced by Experience, Knowledge, Conditioning and Shared Beliefs of the Society and Community. Some Minds close their Mind from any New Impressions or Influences. This is called Isolation of Belief. Some Minds disconnect from experiencing any alternate or different belief. They Avoid and Defend their Belief, Behavior and Perceptions to be absolute and true. This is Fixation of Belief.

Fixed Beliefs create Fixed Perceptions and Prejudices, Narrow Ideas about Life, Society, Relationships, Pursuits and Experiences. It Constrains our Awareness, our Abilities and Potentials. Mind then tries to capture its comprehensions of Life, Universe and Cosmos into its small cocoons of Understandings. Mind can become the Prisoner of its own Assumptions and Misunderstandings.

Wellness Windows:

Embrace your Unique Journey. Archive your Memories and Re-lease your Beliefs.

Learn to Unlearn. Open in, to your own Innocence Browser.

Unplug Mind from being Lost in Details (LID). De-Condition and Plug within to your Core Memory.

Free the Parrots (Compartments) in the Mind.

DE-fixate and Begin a Unique Narrative. “My Life, My Journey”.

Mind and its Journey was to Explore and Expand in Awareness; Constrained outcomes are faulty ends and cause Enmeshment.

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