Humans can be Good, Kind and Benevolent. On the contrary, some can also do Bad, Mischief or Harmful things. Either can be done through Natural means or by Supernatural means. By Supernatural, here I mean the Power of Coercion (Intimidation, Seduction, Force or Threats to subdue free will).

Mind has the Capacity to Choose. A Nurturers Primary Responsibility is to enable this ability and nurture the skill to make a Choice. Then standby and let the young Mind, make the series of follow up Choices to evolve the application of Free Will. During the Standby mode, Nurturer observes, reacts, and responds to intervene in Support of Informed Choices. Nurturers intermittently offer Service to rectify Damaging Choices.

Nurturer is not supposed to be a GPS device, providing a life subscription of imposing Route maps for Navigation of the young Mind’s Journeys.

Mind’s existential experiences and challenges involve ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’. Every Mind has had these discoveries to make, confusions to face and the dilemmas to rectify. Mistakes are made when one Chooses. Freedom of Choice allows the Free Will to make those mistakes, learn to Discern and Self Correct. This is the Supreme way of connecting Individual Learning and Experiencing, then Re-Experiencing and Re-Learning.

Freedom is the Humankind’s Individual way to Convert Experiences into Learning.

Nurturers include Roles like Parents, Teachers, Doctors, Mentors, Guides, Coaches, Counselors, Leaders and Gurus. In different phases of Life, in different states of Mind and different pursuits of Experiencing, we need the Nurturers Intermittently to enable or resurrect this Capacity of Choice and Sense of Free Will.

Are the Nurturers Aware of their Maleficence versus Beneficence? Are we playing Enablers of Free Will or Dementors of Free Choices? Are the Mind frames of this Generation, a symptom of the Nurturing Deficits or the contagion of Gratitude Deficits? Do we get the Chances of resolving Existential Dilemmas and Confusions? Does it feel like we are searching for Free Will, while casually jumping from one well of Habits to another well of Novelties.

Wellness Ways:

Accept the Practical World instead of Enmeshed Confrontations. Between the two Poles of Good and Bad, Humankind and Forms have been living and adapting to Shades of Grey. Co-Ruption has occurred over Millenia at multiple levels – Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional and Physical Realms of Existence. Connect with the Inner Self. Reclaim your Free Will. Choose your Perspectives which aligns with Will to PeaceSelf has the Doorways which the Psyche can access to Re-Connect with the Ideal World.     

Wisedom of Consciousness sprouts when our Self, Psyche and Will rise above states of Mal-Eficiens!!

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