Mind has Elements. Apart from Emotions, Energy as Instincts and Drives as Motivations. These are Subjective (Autonomic) Characteristics. Mind forms Temperaments, Affections, Feelings and Desires. These are Objective (Environment Reactive) features. Reason is the Intermediating agency that modifies and regulates the Subjective and Objective Perceptions of Minds Experiences.

Mind is distributed as three folders: Unconscious, Subconscious and Conscious. Existential experiences are recorded as Memories. Memories are stored and recalled with a Time Sense as Past, Present and Future (Cognitive Projections).

Brain and Body Skills the Talents and Inclinations of the Mind. Brain accommodates the changes and shapes the body to match the requirements of the Mind’s Desires and Actions on the Ecosystems of Life. Just as the Body is composed of many parts and organs but unified in action and Performance by the forces of coordination.

Self-Actualization is the smooth and Uninterrupted Expression (Manifestation) of MIND as ONE unified Force and Purpose.

What comes in the way of Synchronizing Mind’s Intelligence?

  • Latency or block between Subjective Characteristics and Objective Features of Mind.
  • Repression, Suppression or divisions in Emotions, Instincts or Drives.
  • Deficits, Confusions or Prejudices of Reason which misinterpret and misperceive.
  • Isolation, Insulation or Quarantine of Memory access and integration with Current facts.
  • Interlapse delays between Mind and Brain related Expressions.
  • Deficits, damages or blocks in the Brain and Body structure, functions, or coordination.

Wellness Styles:

Meditative: Regular and Consistent practice minimizes latencies and blocks in Sub-Obj Contrasts.

Contemplative: Insight and Corrections helps to Unite Emotions, Instincts and Drives.

Reflective: Introspection helps to correct deviations in Reason, clear Skepticism, Cynicism and Prejudice.

Cleansing: Memory, Knowledge of Past is released from compartments to expand current Awareness.

Integrative: Mind and Body Dualism can be reduced by smoother Interconnect and Interoperability.

Restorative: Brain and Body diseases and damages can be repaired to heal and restore, if not curative.

Synchronicity within Oneself is primary to developing a sense of synchronicity with other individuals and ideologies.

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