Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series : Part 5-Competition

Mind has Modes. Individual and Connected. The Individual Mode contains the embedded characteristics, traits, and information to operate the Mind according to the internal wishes and desires. The Connected Mode knows the acquired attributes, interactives and exchanges involved in Inter-Personal Transactions (Relationships). The Connected Mode of Mind chooses the Quality of the connect with other Minds. Mind can also limit or expand the Quantity or number of connects with other Minds or Objects.

Conflicts and Dissonance between the Individual Mode and the Connected Mode causes Social Tensions and Anxieties within the Mind. Mind Churns.

When the Individual Awareness and the external Senses of Connect Mode become hugely different and diverge from the original nature, Cognitive separation and divide happens. This is called Splitting of Awareness. The Individual Mode (Private) of Mind’s Persona and the Connected Mode (Social) of the Mind operate or conduct separately or against each other, causing Rivalries, Complexes and Competitions within parts of the Mind. This forms the basis for Personality disorders and dysfunctions.

The Individual Mode (Introvert) seeks value-based experiences, but the Connected Mode (Extrovert) perceives and pursues Social worth experiences. Whatever is gained by this dual state of Awareness, never feels wholly satisfying or fulfilling. One Mode is sensing Inferiority, while the Other Mode is celebrating Superiority.

Mind is constantly carrying a Loser part along with a Victor side. Self-esteem Pendulates to extremes.

Minds Internal Diversity and Disunity impacts the Common Sense and breaks Synchronicity of Minds Base Architecture. The Unquiet Mind Irrationally Externalizes its turmoil’s and conflicts in the workplace relationships and dynamics.

Wellness Picks:

  • Choose an Occupation that fits your Skills and adds to Purpose and Self Worth.
  • Review of Who you are Inside (Introvert) and What you do Outside (Extrovert) is Compatible.!
  • Recognize if your Individual Sense and your Professional Role, enhance your overall growth.
  • Course Correcting Choices and Changes of Workplace and Occupations are important remedy for keeping the Mind Unified, Resourceful and Progressive. 

A Unified Mind (Swayama) does not expend unduly in external Competitions. Simply Upgrades and inspires other Connected Minds (Samyama) to elevate.

Competition within Oneself, keeps one Fairly Invested.

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