Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series : Part 6-Collaboration

Mind Connects to other Minds, while maintaining its Individual status and characteristics. This ability to connect is a Universal gift to the Individual Mind. This Connect Mode of the Mind is experienced since birth in different settings and contexts, over the course of our Life tracks. From the Autistic phase within the Womb, to the cradled phase of infancy, the nurtured phase of the toddler, the enabled phase of childhood, the facilitated phase of adolescence, the empowered phase of Adult; Mind pursues Individual and Collective pursuits. The Mind dwelled on the quality of Co-laboration of the parents, nurturers, siblings, and peers. These connect modes were called Belonging, Bonding, Attachment, Intimacy, Twinship and Identification. Differences are in their quality of connect and intensity (degree) of connect and are part of every Relationship formed by the Mind.

Relationships are primarily based on Quality and Degree of Mind Connect.

Relationships are participatory and based on the role the participants play in the connected play. Based on the core traction between the Minds involved, the connect type can be Spiritual, Filial, Familial, Social, Occupational or Professional. Trade and Transaction based relationships are not based on Mind Connects. They are based on Mind share with the objective of an externalized gain or benefit of Individual Mind. Individualism has taken over and shaped the relationships of personal convenience and effaced the relationships of mutual Investments.

Despite larger and easy mediums of Communication and Connect, being lonely and feeling isolated in the Relationship crowds has become the unfortunate natural state. We are constantly trying to work on finding and forming Working Relationships. Collaboration of Mind was a natural Gift and having lost that sense in the current times and current ecosystems of Life, are we creating Artificial Means, Methods, and manipulations to keep the Minds flock together.!

Wellness Seeks:

Ability to Connect genuinely.

Ability of forming and accepting common Goals.

Will to invest in shared Intellectual Purpose and Meaningful share of Motivations and Drives.

Intention to be a functional part (participate) as driver of relationships, rather than be the Owner of Relationships.

Envision Teams for Investment on Growth rather than for Returns on bets. Seek the power to Unite, and not the generosity to divide the Minds.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series : Part 6-Collaboration

  1. Thanks.. this gives us hope that diverse minds can connect based on core traction. Individual mind doesn’t get lost in the ocean of collective mind..

    • As add-on point: Excesses of Individualism has eroded, or even effaced out, Minds capability to connect and be seamlessly in connect Modes. This has afflicted every form of Relationship through our Life cycle stages; from inception through elderly.

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