Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series : Part 7-Operational Unity

Mind, the diversities, competitions and Individualism are factors that are present throughout the Human ecosystems. This creates divergence of Purpose, Perspectives, Perceptions, Pursuits, Plans, Processes and Practices. These 7P’s set apart the Individuals and their Life-tracks. The Existential Journeys become unique and the experiences molds or shapes each Persona as a different Product.

Co-Operation becomes tougher with maximum Divergence of Individual Persona. Compatibility Reduces. Interpersonal Rift increases.

Mind, despite our differences has the wish and the ability to avoid solitary journeys and isolated existence. Mind has the ability and agility to form Convergence, while retaining the sense of Personal Individualism, Freedom of Persona, and its Will to Explore.

Convergence of Minds requires few basic principles – Intent, Invoke and Invite. Convergence also requires choice of a common Goal, a shared Path, or participatory Objectives (Milestones). Sustaining Convergence requires fair Communication, Mutual Respect, and an attitude towards reducing Discord.

Wellness Works:

  • Intend, Invoke and Invite the Subconscious layer to aid the Conscious Mind in finding Connect. This could be with a work, a hobby, a sport, a person, or something in Natural Environment.
  • Choose a Thought or Feeling, you wish to express and experience the Connect.
  • Observe the process of Co-operation between your Mind and the Other Mind or Stimulus.
  • Expect only as much as your Mind is Investing and Expressing into the Connect process.
  • Communicate your initial frustration concisely and Listen to the other Minds irritations without reacting with displeasure or feelings of Intimidation.
  • Overwhelming experience of having or losing Self-control indicates Incompatible Personal equations or Challenging Interpersonal Conflicts. This will require third party mediation or regulation to bridge the dynamics, if the relationship is mandatory (in professional or personal sense).

Operational Unity is about explicit goals and agreed upon liability of taking or giving away Self Composure and Self Reliance. It involves transparent Power Equations.

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