A person’s mindset, their environment, and the society all play a major role in the making and breaking of an individual, the shaping and re-moulding of child to adult.

Sometimes you’ll feel scared and alone, but you’ve got to work through it. If you let them in, you’ll let them win. You are in control of your own future, take charge of the power given to you and use it wisely. Don’t leave yourself for the vultures when you can soar amongst the doves. (Don’t give in to hate when you can have love).

Think of your internal power as the drive to action and the life force; your intuition as the suit of armour; your mind as the shield; your intellect as the sword.

Combining all the elements brings out the warrior who awaits your call. Show yourself what you can do. Sharpen your components, else they will rust and fall, and be the best You that you can be.

The world will not wait for you to realise, don’t stay anchored to it for a lifetime. Free yourself from your shackles and move along the path you forge.

We are not all-powerful, nature will prevail throughout. Our Trueness will be proved one day, and when that day comes, we must act without a doubt.

When you gaze upon the world, do not strike fear, but harmony and resonance. Do not be bitter that they don’t understand, for you cannot compare the pain of two people, no matter how similar it may seem.

Stand by the ways of the universe, be your true self. You can break the chains that hold you down, release yourself from your past. To forget is not the path you need, don’t hold it in your heart. With freedom will come peace, if you let go. Forgive but don’t forget.

Let go of the heaviness weighing you down, rise up from hate and despair, traverse through life with your purpose at heart, don’t let pain create its lair.

Do as you need, help will come through, at times of utmost despair. Be kind to everyone, including yourself. You’ll know where you need to go.

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