What is Mental Illness?

Disease, discomfort, or sickness of the mind which also affects the way our brain and body behaves or functions.

Mind Health is the state of normal abilities, capacities, and functioning of Mind’s Intelligence. This includes Thinking, Feeling, Behavior, Action, Physical Lifestyle and Social reaction or response.

During Mental illness, few or many of these usual abilities may be affected or compromised.       

Thinking – Thoughts may seem slow and not organized or too fast and excessive.                                         

Emotions – Feelings of different types may be absent, slow or be excessive and overwhelming.           

Behavior – Motivation to internalize (impressions) needs and react (expressions) will be low or high.  

Action – Choosing and deciding to react to specific needs and interests is inhibited and slow or disinhibited and excessive.      

Physical Lifestyle – Following a routine or doing multiple tasks is constrained or excessive and impulsive.

Social Interaction – Engaging with people or environment may be withdrawn or excess and chaotic.

In Real Life, Mental illness presents with any of these above issues in varied combinations and proportions.

Self-Assessment and Self-help is useful in early stages.

Professional and Qualified evaluation and treatment prevents this from becoming worse.

What Causes Illness or Sickness of the Mind?

Physical – Abnormal Brain cells, gene defects in some areas of brain.

Biological – Lower or higher levels of hormones or Nerve transmitter agents in Brain circuit.

Lifestyle – Unhealthy eating, breathing, posture and activities lead to build up of body toxins which in turn affect the mind.

Society Negative events in family, friends, work, or world impact us if we are involved or attached.

Emotions Extremes of many emotions puts pressure on managing Balance, Calmness and Stress.

Thoughts – Negative Thoughts cloud our Reason, Will Power to make Choices or Changes.

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