Mind can have a Volus (Will). The Noun form of ‘Voli’ means Freedom and the Verb form means ‘to buy’ or obtain for money. The same word has regional versions like ‘to wish’, ‘to want’ etc. Derived terms are well wishing, elective, voluntary, volition.

Seems like Voli was a ‘Virgin Sense’ once upon a Time, now there are so many Divergent Strains and No Common Sense.

Mind had an Original sense of Good and Bad; Functional and Dysfunctional; Love and Hate; Joy and Despair. That was when Mind also had Innocence. Innocence is Purity. Purity can be ‘White’ or ‘Black’; ‘’Light” or “Dark”; “Positive” or “Negative”.

Minds started off with its Base Charge (Vritthi Sanskrit term) of Pure Positive or Negative States. Minds manifested their Energies with Freedom and Transactions with other Minds. The byproducts of these engagements created combinations of Characteristics (In Shades of Grey). Minds assimilated more in terms of Temperaments and Feelings. These Interchanges created more Diversity and expanded scopes and Spectrums of Individual’s States of Mind.

Multiple Versions and their derivatives in terms of Languages, Scriptures, Literature, Philosophies, Schools of Thoughts, Traditions became like different strains to adapt and adjust to Demographic Spectrum of Mind and its Variations.

The Original Template of our Innocent Mind is our Primary Emotional Memory. The DNA of our Psyche. All Evolutions and Transformations from our Base State are Adaptations and Adjustments to the External Affairs of the World.

The Vaccine for the Malevolence in Human Minds is Love, Acceptance and Empathy. This Vaccine is available Free, within each one.

Wellness Points:

Reserve a Time and Activity to peek within. Seek Insight beneath the Word Clouds, Feeling Clouds and Thought Clouds. As we meet the Junctions where Diversions and Variations occurred for the Mind, have the Courage of Humility to Acknowledge Truth. Pause a moment, to see if Truth heals or hurts. Do not Dwell for Guilt or Resentment to arrive. Wave them off and Intend to Connect with the Base Charge of your Mind. Your Innocence, Your Purity and Your Freedom awaits where you left it, to transact with the World. Your Universe is at your Core. Claim your Connect. Your Voli.

If only we can turn Inward to Connect with our Base State of Psyche, Awareness rises to UniVersion. There was only one mutation that started our Existential Journey of Positives and Negatives. There is only One Common Sense to look in to- SELF CONSCIOUSNESS.

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