Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series: Part 3-Diversity

Mind has an Empirical Base, like Neuromere for Brain. In our Body, Immature blood cells (HSC’s) or Stem cells differentiate and form different types of Blood cells and types. Similarly, Minds differentiate from this Base template (Chittha Sanskrit term) of Creation (Kruthi). Minds take on Individual Forms (Aakruthi) and Appearances (Aakaar). Mind Equips via its Persona formation and customizes through Social Experiences. Mind Adapts through Conditioning, Reacts by Memory and Imitates by Mimicry.

All the above Stages help our Mind in Transitions from Inception to different stages of Evolution.

Mind Re-creates alternate Realties based on previous experiences. The Re-creations depend on one of the two Basic Motivations. The Motivation to Propagate (Reproduce) called EROS. The Motivation to Alter previous experiences for betterment (Innovate) is THANATOS. The Interplay between these two motivations is constant throughout Minds Journey. The phases of Mind where these two motivations are unclear and muddled creates Junctions called CONFUSIONS. Confusions that are not resolved, later cause Crisis.

Each Mind takes many Diversions since Birth. Each Mind makes its Unique Journeys. We become different in our Thinking, Feeling, Intuiting and Sensing Process. Based on these, we choose differently, Skill differently and Act differently.

The Journey of Mind changes the Outlook and Lookouts. If we Look In, we can approach our Common Senses, Origins and Unified Base.

Occupational Diversity does not have to turn into Interpersonal Prejudices and Competitive Conflicts.

Wellness Tips:

  • Gain Awareness of your Base Instincts and Creative Strengths.
  • Identify and gain clarity on your prejudices and assumptions.
  • Review your Skills and Approaches to manifest your Passion.
  • Recognize your Professional Discontent and sense of accomplishment deficits if your intense and persistent efforts are not yielding results.
  • Correct dysfunctional Diversions. Recreate a sense of Operational Unity and Occupational Satisfaction.

Diversity requires Complementary attitudes to Sustain. Conflicts and Prejudices burn Individual and Collective Wellness.

3 thoughts on “Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series: Part 3-Diversity

    • Base Mind can be evaluated externally by well trained psychoanalysts through assessing the Repetitive Basic Instincts and Patterns of Emotional Behaviors.
      Base Mind can be Realized internally by well informed Meditators through Silencing the agitations and preoccupations of Conscious and Subconscious layers of Mind. Peace always helps this Process.

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