Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series: Part 2-BurnOut

Mind experiences exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed by external demands and expectations. The negative effects can spill over into every area of Life, depending on the Intensity of Energy Drain. (Work, Home, Social)

Burn-out is an Occupational Phenomenon. As a Syndrome (per International Classification of Diseases ICD-11), it is characterized by three dimensions:

  • Feelings of Energy Depletion or Exhaustion:
  • Increased Mental distance from one’s job, or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to one’s job:
  • Reduced professional efficacy:

Impacts on Reason, Emotions and Physical functions and its effects are commonly seen.

Mind has its Reserve Energies, and the resources of Mind are released as Pulses (Impulse) and Amplitude of Effort (Intensity). Mind thus works in a wave form (like Sea Tides). Mind needs its Uptimes and Downtimes. This is determined by Circadian Rhythm Clock. Clocks create Order and Rhythm.

Brain and Body have their Centers for Preserving and Conserving Biological Energy and Physical Resources. Autonomic Nervous system and the Spinal Nerve Plexuses play an important part in these Processes of Regulation. The Biological Clock determines the Order and Rhythm of Physical Life.

The Mind and Body operate Parallel to each other, but they also Interconnect and Intersect at Points of Bonding.

Hence What Impacts the Mind Effects the Body; What Impacts the Body Effects the Mind.

Burnout occurs because of Persistent Energy Drain of the Mind and The Body, where the opportunity and mechanisms to Replenish their Energy Stores is either deficient, compromised or lost. Mis-Informed Choices, Mis-Takes and Mis-Lead Acts can often worsen the Burnout and lead to issues with Mind & Body Health.

BURNOUT is like a Traffic Roundabout; Seek Awareness and find your Unique Ways to Resolve and Restore. Do Not Proceed to State of Illness or Stagnation.

4 thoughts on “Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series: Part 2-BurnOut

  1. Very nice and clear explanations. This is very much helpful to handle the work place stressed out situation

    • Yes. Mis-Matches are the result of Missed Information, Takes and Leads. Life does not offer us the luxury of knowing everything before events happen. The better way then is, to identify the Drain and to correct the Cause. Ignoring and Procrastinating only increases the probability of burnout.

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