Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series: Part 1-MalAdjusted

Mind can adapt to range of emotions, feelings, and circumstances. Individual Minds have their Base Emotions, Instincts, Traits, Temperaments and Motivations.

During the Course of our Experiences of people and events, the Mind always finds ways to adapt and adjust. Mind has Elasticity. Elasticity is defined as the degree to which a system is adaptive to changes in workload demand, by releasing more energies (provisioning) and withdrawing some energies (de-provisioning), in an autonomic (pre-set) manner. This creates dynamic adaptation of Capacity to meet varying Efforts of Mind’s Work and Energies expended.

When the Mind works in sync with its preset Base nature and characteristics, the energy used is less intensive and more efficient. When the Mind must deal with emotions, feelings and reasoning which are unnatural to its base Constitution and Nature, it experiences Energy drain, Stress, reduced motivation, easy fatigue, and avoidance of persistent tasks requiring commitment and continuity.

To deal with excessive demands to adjust and adapt beyond our Individual Range of Emotional Capacities, Mind creates shortcuts in its dashboard. This involves Selective attention, Selective Memory, forgetting, reduced concentration and shallow focus.

Our Brain has this similar ability to modify, adapt and modulate the Brain Cell activities and range of functions. This is called Neuroplasticity.

Anxiety Worries and Insomnia can be the Consequence of Maladjusted State.


  • Expand the Range and Resilience of your Mind and its Capacities.
  • Recognizing the Reason for Energy Drain helps to remove the Feelings causing Negative effect.
  • Maladjustment is a state of Mind and Brain, not an Illness.
  • Know your Mind and Its Base Nature.
  • Act to Reset it to Base State.
  • Heal to prevent Burnout and Illness.

3 thoughts on “Healthy Mind in the Work-Place Series: Part 1-MalAdjusted

  1. Great insights on elasticity of mind. Would like to know more about ways to expand the range of elasticity, and capacity of Mind..

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