Adjustment Disturbed

Adjustment is the ability to modify, alter, regulate, and adapt to achieve a normal or functional Fit. This Process in our Body is called Homeostasis. Homeostasis calibrates the system to maintain an Order.

Functions of our Body and Mind have a Range. Eyes have a range of Vision. Muscles have a range for Strength. Digestive abilities change its Range, with our Age and Season or Environment. Each Individual has a Range for his Normal and Regular functions of Body.

This Range of Fitness is based on two aspects.

  • Base or Natural state
  • Learned or Adapted state

Homeostasis is the mechanism of changes in the Body, which results in Balance or Equilibrium. (Like body temperature, blood pressure, body weight etc). In the Mind, the similar process, and the abilities to adjust helps us to maintain a Range of Emotions; Range of Feelings; Range of Mood; Range of Behaviors and Conduct.

In normal conditions, our Mind and Body are Adapted to External World to function and Fit. In Mild and Moderate Stress or Brief Stress Events, Mind and Body react and respond to adapt and regain adjusted normal.

When there is an extraordinary event, which is out of this Comfort Zone and Challenges our Adapting Range, we feel unstable, out of Balance with our Emotions (Feelings), Temper, Anxiety Control (Composure) and our ability to exercise organized Behavior (Conduct).

This results in Adjustment Disorder. A severe disturbance or derailment of Mind and Body’s Composure to Act according to a familiar and adapted Inner State, causes crisis of Composure and Stability.

Treatment Methods:

In the less intense phase, self-help and help from family/friends can be beneficial.

Self Help Methods:                                                                                              

  • Use calming techniques that allow your Mind to reflect, reason and process the change/challenge. This helps the Mind to not become Overwhelmed by Emotions and Feelings of Apprehension, Anxiety, Worries and Fear.
  • Journaling (Writing down) your Thoughts, Needs and Concerns. Prioritizing the possible solutions
  • If the Cause of instability is between you and another individual, a combination of listening skills and empathy may help Resolve the disturbance.
  • Talking to a family Member, Friend or Peer who has faced similar situation or challenge in Life and can provide suggestions or guidance. However, the guidance may need to be adapted to your situation or challenge.
  • Composure and Resilience gaining by Meditations, Pranayama or Nature Retreats.

When the Adjustment Disorder gets intensified, professional help should be sought.

Talk therapy (Conversation) with Professional help: Also called Psychotherapy. The type of conversation can be a) Supportive b) Cognitive c) Cognitive-Behavioral. The setting of Therapy may be Individual, Family or Peer group.

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