EnMeshed !!!

En-mesh (to catch in) and En-tangle (to involve in) are familiar words. In Social context they are understandable words.

Mind at its nascent stage of evolution is simple and clear. Innocence is natural. At this stage, Mind is at its Base state. Mind acquires experiences and forms Impressions. These Impressions are in the forms of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Emotions are Subjective when it is originating within my own Mind. Emotions are Objective when it originates from another’s Mind and I have merely reflected them back (As in a Mirror). We detach (quarantine) to gain dis-enmeshment.

Thoughts  are Subjective when they are produced and expressed from my own sense of Reason. Thoughts are Objective when they are not our own but are merely captured as an Image of what another Mind thinks and are reflected to that person or projected to another person. We block our thought sharing (Thought distancing) to dis-enmesh.

Feelings are the reactions (secondary emotions) towards others Minds or things are generated based on previous exposure, experience, or circumstances. Feelings are conditional. Feelings are neither completely Subjective nor Objective. They are the byproduct of Engagement. We disengage from Reacting (Emotional distancing) or Expressing words (Communication distancing) or avoiding Interactions (Social distancing) to dis-enmesh. Masking the true feelings or Words by fake feelings and words is to con-verse (Hide) the Expression.

Enmeshment Impacts the Choices we make and the way we make our Choices, Adversely.

Enmeshed Mind means a cocktail mix of different sets (complexes) of emotions, thoughts, and feelings. What it lacks is a clear sense of Synchrony between Inner Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings. What this constrains is our Confidence and Clarity of Inner Voice, and Expression of our genuine thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Mind and its assets expand their Impressions, skills, and Expressions. They require fewer boundaries, fences, and compartments but expanded Synchronicity. Boundaries are required in Functional Sense to manage external Relationships. Functional sense involves Choices we can make based on Need and Choices we can avoid, to keep on track with our Inner Priority or Premium Needs.

Reflection Points: Does Enmeshment create Procrastination and promote difficulties in decision making? Does Enmeshed Mind have trouble in accepting and implementing Choices of Change? Does Severe enmeshment manifest as Anxieties, Confusions, Resentments and Anger? Does my Mind often shut down to Buffering mode and hang (Freeze) in the context of increased Expectations?

Mind and its assets if chartered well, prevents us from playing ‘Lost and Found’ repeatedly with our Realities. It helps to connect and manifest our Sense of Self and its evolution in Life.

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