Meaning the process of influencing the Intellect, Mind, Brain or Behaviors of an Independent and Free Intelligence of Living or Animate Organisms.

Among Human-Kind, Persuasion is now the art of influencing views, opinions, thoughts, emotions, narratives etc. Human Minds earlier shared belief, perspectives, perceptions, ideologies and lessons through Story -telling to mend Lives.

Human Minds now make up ideologies, opinions, perceptions and narratives called Rhetorics through Story- Selling to bend Lives. The Lines between Persuasion and Coercion is being systematically blurred.

Persuasion as a method of Sharing, Learning, Teaching is important aspect of forming Common sense, Collective Wisdom and Unity in Diversity.

Persuasion occurs at different levels. Through reception of Energies (Spiritual), through exchange of meaningful thoughts (Intellectual), through sharing impressions of Cause – effect experiences (Reasonable or Rational), through Attachments and bonding of Emotions (Mental), through Sensations of the Body and Brain (Physical).

Persuasion succeeds when the method results in a process called Resonance. Resonance can be felt between one Individual and others at the level of Intellect, Mind, Brain or Self Values (Swa-Yama). For this to happen, Persuasion needs to go hand in hand with Empathy.

Persuasion ends with positive Karma, when the other Persona is influenced but remains Free and Empowered.

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